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Play at Home

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At Play at Home Preschool, we understand that play is how young children learn. The number one goal of Play at Home Preschool is to provide a developmentally appropriate, play-based interactive preschool experience that replaces all of your child's other screen-time.

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Our Approach

Learning Through Play

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Process Art

Process art allows children to express themselves, solve problems, and develop fine motor skills. It also supports the development of self-control and self-regulation by allowing children to make choices, take risks, and feel successful. Literacy skills are also developed when children discuss what they made and how they did it.

ABC Cubes

Blocks & Manipulatives

Building and creating with open ended materials helps your child build critical thinking, comprehension of structures, and spatial reasoning skills. Your child also learns about working cooperatively with others as they plan and construct with their peers.

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Music is a part of our daily routine at Play at Home Preschool! Through music your child will develop a larger vocabulary, strengthen social and emotional skills, build fine motor skills, improve working memory, and boost their math skills.

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Outside Play

 Outside play time is a great chance for your child to socialize, get exercise, and take risks. Unstructured play time is also important for children to develop executive functioning skills such as planning, problem solving, and prioritizing. 

Pretend Play

Pretend play isn't just fun, it also builds on language and cognitive skills by helping children make the connection between spoken and written language, build verbal skills, and teaching children to think outside the box.

Pretend play also helps children develop stronger socially/emotionally by learning how to express themselves, regulate emotions, work cooperatively with peers. It also gives children the chance to work through real life events such as dentist visits, family illness, or divorce, etc.